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Anyone should be able to do a proper valuation. I am confident that with a little bit of guidance, someone that has never opened a corporate finance textbook, listened to an equity research pitch, or have read an annual report, should be able to learn the fundamentals of corporate valuation. With a little bit of common sense, an ambition to minimize your own biases, and a capacity to build a reasonable narrative and connect the narrative to numbers, you are already a long way into finding interesting investments. On the other hand, the process of investing is full of pitfalls ranging from a lack of attention to cycles, fear of missing out and looking wrong, not dearing to be a contrarian, and all other aspects related to emotion and ego. As Charlie Munger said, "it is not supopsed to be easy". 

Oscar Alexander Küntzel




I look for investment theses based on intrinsic ideas and look to upload my valuations on the blog.

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The world of financial markets is complex. I know nothing about them. Read my reflections on issues in valuation and see if you agree with them!

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 As much as I like valuation, my own enjoyment is not the only reason this website exists. Find out what my end-game is with Oscar Valuations.

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Book recommendation, links to youtube videos and similar educational media, interesting news articles and other valuable resources.

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