Current Book Recommendations

I try to have three books under book recommendations all the time, continously changing the list after I have read one that I like. The book recommendations never include pure textbook corporate finance and investment management literature, even though they should serve as a great foundation. 

  • Pitch the Perfect investment, by Paul D. Sonkins & Paul Johnson
  • Fooled by Randomeness, by Nassim Nicholas Taleb
  • The Little Book on Behavioural Investing, James Montier


Previous Book recommendations

  • The Little Book That (still) Beats the Market, by Joel Greenblatt
  • Warren Buffet's Management Secrets, Mary Buffet
  • Narrative and Numbers, by Aswath Damodaran
  • Good Stocks Cheap, by Kenneth Jeffrey Marshall
  • The little book of Valuation, Aswath Damodaran


The Oscar Valuations Must Reads

  • The Most Important Thing - Illuminated, by Howard Marks
  • Fooled by Randomeness, by Nasim Nicholas Taleb


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